鼓励各部门尽可能使用首选供应商. Samford experiences the best overall supplier pricing by engaging the power of cooperative purchasing. Utilizing the contracts provided through Samford’s cooperative memberships will ensure significant savings for your department and the University.


Where Should I Purchase My Goods and 服务?

部门 are encouraged to use vendors listed within the cooperative contracts shown in the links below. Samford experiences the best overall supplier pricing and product value when you combine cooperative purchasing power. 利用亚虎app官方下载最新版合作社会员提供的这些合同, 这些供应商提供的商品或服务将确保为大学节省大量资金.



神韵 是否所有亚虎app官方下载最新版p卡用户都可以免费使用一个现代化的购物平台. We encourage you to utilize the 神韵 marketplace whenever possible. Here are a few of the benefits you'll discover:

  • One-stop shopping with a single username and password; no more logging into multiple sites
  • 预先核准的E&I contract pricing resulting in cost savings for your department
  • Steadily growing number of suppliers, including many already familiar names such as Staples, 洛斯, 格兰杰等等.


桑佛德大学 has partnered with OMNIA and Amazon.为企业和机构客户提供亚马逊购物体验.

Samford User - please contact tsun@jnljkj.com or tghanrah@jnljkj.com

要作为用户添加到Samford Amazon Business帐户,用户必须使用他们的*****@samford.Edu邮箱地址.


并非亚马逊网站上列出的所有商品都是亚马逊销售和运输的产品. 网站上也有第三方卖家(详见小字). To avoid potential issues concerning Samford's tax-exempt status, 亚马逊建议只购买由亚马逊销售和发货的产品.com. If a department is charged taxes and/or shipping after buying items sold through third party sellers, obtaining a credit for charged taxes and/or shipping is the responsibility of the ordering department.


Interested users must contact the Samford 采购 Department to set up your Amazon Business account. Amazon Business accounts require payment with your 亚虎app官方下载最新版购货卡. No other payments types are accepted.

**Do not use your Samford P Card for any Amazon account other than your registered 亚马逊商务版 account that was created by the Samford 采购 Office.


Through Amazon Business, you will have immediate access to:

  • 亚马逊PRIME /免费送货
  • 商业定价和数量折扣对越来越多的项目选择
  • 只有企业客户才能获得专门的客户服务团队.



家得宝(首页 Depot)

For more information contact tsun@jnljkj.com or tghanrah@jnljkj.com.

Creating a Purchase Requisition in Banner

如果过程中有任何步骤不明确或情况异常, please contact the 采购 Department (2917) for assistance.



采购订单是采购货物以满足需求的常用工具. 卖方有权为订单上指定的货物装运和开具发票. 它是一种法律文书,表达了买卖合同中买方的部分. Once accepted, it has the legal force of a binding contract.

Purchases of goods or services in excess of $1000.00 以大学的名义制作的,需要一张横幅购买申请单,以便付款.

When a requisition is entered and completed, it is then forwarded to the designated University officials for approval/disapproval via electronic approval queues.

站的订单 - When a requisition is being entered, 如果申请单需要是长期订单,请包括长期订单  评论框 located in the date section of the requisition.

Special Instructions Document 文本 - If a vendor requires a copy of the purchase order, please include these instructions document text.


Things to remember when requesting new vendors:

  • To ensure that vendors are added into the system in a timely manner, 请尽可能多地填写表格(特别是传真号码和联系人姓名). 
  • Be sure to include your information at the bottom so that we know who to notify once the vendor is added into the system.


If you have any questions about vendor verification, please contact 莫妮卡的太阳 了解更多信息.



The 业务服务 Department is delighted to offer a University Visa Procurement Program for ordering supplies or business services as a flexible alternative for processing low-dollar-value items from vendors by using a University Visa card. 这张卡(亚虎app官方下载购买卡)也可以用于旅游相关服务,如.e. airline tickets, hotel charges, restaurant charges and car rentals.

购买卡计划是通过阿拉巴马州伯明翰的地区银行安排的. With the purchasing card you, 最终用户, can purchase non-restricted commodities of $1,000或以下, directly from the vendor without a purchase order. 它还将大大减少支付购物所需的工作量.

使用采购卡不会改变使用良好采购做法的policy. 因此,所有的卡都是经过部门经理的批准发放的. 任何卡都可以在任何时候由您的经理或项目协调员撤销.

购卡手册 采购 Card Reporting Instructions



  • 持卡人用大学签证刷卡购物(在限额内)
  • Visa的发卡机构region向供应商支付信用卡上的费用.
  • Regions will bill the university every 30 days.
  • Each cardholder will receive a statement listing all the charges on their individual card(s) that have been made in the 30-day period . 持卡人将在亚虎app官方下载最新版网站上审查账单并批准费用. The cardholder does not pay this statement.
  • The cardholder matches allL the receipts with their individual statement and attaches the receipts to the statement to keep for their own records.
  • All of the charges for the university purchasing cards are paid from a master billing that is received in the purchasing department.

What can I purchase with the card?

该卡可用于购买1美元以下的商品或商业服务,000 three times a day with a total maximum of $2,000 in a 30-day billing cycle.


  • 办公用品
  • 订阅
  • 会费或费用
  • 各种各样的物品

The card may be used for the purchase of travel-related goods and services with a transaction limit or maximum per billing cycle set by the president, 副总统, 院长或系主任. Having a university purchasing card does not entitle all holders to have the privilege of using the card for travel purchases.


  • Any employee authorized to sign on a university account.
  • Any employee delegated authority by a department head.


  • 禁止私人使用.
  • The card is for business purposes only.
  • Cards are issued to an employee rather than an office or department.
  • 卡上所列的员工对卡的使用负有全部责任.


因为亚虎app官方下载的大部分资金来源于学生的学费和捐赠, faculty and staff should be vigilant about excessive spending on food and entertainment and should avoid instances where the university is funding employees entertaining each other.

The university will pay for approved, necessary and reasonable business meal expenditures that are hosted by and paid for by a 桑佛德大学 employee that includes guests, 业务的同事, 捐赠者和潜在的雇员,这给大学带来了商业利益. 例子 include fundraising and recruitment.

If there are reasonable and necessary meal expenses for business meetings involving only university personnel and/or students during which focused business discussions take place, the frequency of such meetings and the related expenses must be appropriate to the purpose of the discussion and the nature of the business conducted. 例子 of such meetings might include:

  • Formally organized meetings that are necessary to carry out the business of official committees appointed by the university, 学校或部门
  • Meetings of an organized work group of employees or students that require the work of the group to progress through normal meal time. 如果可能的话,这样的会面应该安排在正常用餐时间之外.

The following should not be placed on a university purchasing card:

  • 定期员工会议.
  • Non-work related departmental or divisional gatherings, 比如生日, 退休, 引进新员工, 和圣诞晚会.
  • 员工个人用餐,除非他们因大学事务出城.
  • 配偶餐, 除非客人的配偶被包括在内,并且有适当的目的.
  • 购买饮品, 咖啡和点心, 除非是按照本指南规定的批准膳食的一部分.

It should not be the expectation of any employee that 桑佛德大学 will provide meals and/or snacks on a regular or routine basis.


控制限制是灵活的,可以为特定的单个卡设置. The limits that can be set are:

  • 单次购买限额
  • Spending limit per billing cycle
  • Number of authorizations allowed per day
  • Number of credit card transactions per cycle
  • The cards may be limited by merchant codes called MCCs.


The card holder is responsible for verifying all purchases and transactions on their individual statements.


零售只 purchases are exempt from State of Alabama sales tax.


请联系 朱莉·迈尔斯 or 莫妮卡的太阳 to report any transaction that you find to be fraudulent.


这所大学的采购程序已经有18年没有更新了. Under the leadership of Samford's new Director of 业务服务, 韦德沃克, 我们认为有必要简化供应商搜索流程,降低部门成本.



接收指令 Video 培训

Click on Banner 培训 to be directed to Canvas.

Receiving  should not be completed in Banner unless the departmental receiver has knowledge that the merchandise or service was delivered.

  • The receiving function of purchased goods for the University is necessary to ensure funds are expended appropriately. Any order placed on behalf of a university employee prior to having payment issued must be received in BANNER.
  • The creator of the requisition / purchase order request should view and inspect all items to verify receipt and condition.
  • If the Receiver is not certain of receipt, supporting documentation such as an email from the employee (other than the approver) who verified the receipt must be obtained.
  • 收货应在商品或服务交付后立即完成.
  • Not receiving in a timely manner will delay payment to the vendor.
  • Before processing the receiving report, 收货人应核实已收到商品或服务.
  • No Banner receiver report should be completed from a verbal request.


Any invoices received by the department should be sent to invoices@jnljkj.com.

请附上采购订单号和收货单据号. Please include only the first letter of the vendor name in the subject line to ensure the invoice is routed to the appropriate Accounts Payable person.


桑佛德大学 travelers are encouraged to book their business travel using their pcard through the Christopherson Business 旅行 Management Tool. This travel management tool provides our travelers with access to their integrated technology platform AirPortal®. When making travel arrangements such as airline tickets, 酒店客房, 预订汽车, 旅行者可以使用一个简单的登录,安全地管理他们所有的商务旅行需求.


员工可以在登录到Samford Portal后创建自己的个人资料. The 旅游资料 link is listed under 员工资源


If only reserving a vehicle use this Enterprise link for your reservation to avoid a service charge of $5.00.




Request a local rental vehicle
Enterprise Rent-A-Car 15-passenger van requests should be made as soon as possible to guarantee the availability of the van. More notice ensures less difficulty.


Request a local hotel reservation

如果您对当地的酒店或租车请求有任何疑问,请联系 莫妮卡的太阳 了解更多信息.


对于包车租赁,申请人必须亲自与包车公司签订合同.  We commonly use these companies:


JAT公司. dba Thrasher Brothers Trailways

School 运输 Solutions


Reimbursement Policies and Procedures



Director of 业务服务